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Quito City Tour & Equatorial Monument 1 Day

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Days: 1
Effort: Easy

Activities: Walking, sightseeing, culture learning.

Quito City Tour & Equatorial Monument 1 Day

Discover the highlights of Quito in only one day! Ecuador’s capital was declared UNESCO’s first world heritage site in 1972 and is known for having the best-preserved colonial city center in Latin America. Surrounded by rolling hills and looming mountains, Quito is a place of natural and cultural beauty. Visit the highlights of colonial Quito, then travel north to explore the monuments and museums that mark Latitude Zero, all with the expert interpretation of our historian guides.

Trip Highlights

  • Discover Quito’s remarkably preserved colonial architecture, churches, and plazas.
  • Explore the largest colonial city center in Latin America.
  • Marvel at the Beauty of Colonial churches.
  • Visit the “Mitad del Mundo” monument.
  • Visit the Intiñan Museum.
  • Stand with one foot in each hemisphere at Latitude Zero.



We begin with a scenic drive around the residential part of Quito, passing several of the city’s beautiful parks and modern cultural highlights. We then head to the old city center to begin a walking tour that will take us to the highlights of Quito’s beautiful colonial town. Our first stop is Plaza de la Independencia, also known as Plaza Grande, the heart of Quito’s old town. Plaza Grande is bordered with historic buildings on all sides, including Carondelet, the presidential palace, and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Our next stop is La Compañia, regarded by many as the most beautiful church in Latin America. Its stone façade is handsome, but the real highlight is the interior. Full of intricate wood carvings and plaster work, and almost entirely covered in gold leaf, its opulence is hard to believe. Only two blocks away is San Francisco, another 16th century church. Although far less lavish than its neighbor, San Francisco is notable for its beautiful plaza and the Spanish architecture of its adjacent monastery, which we enter and tour briefly.

After visiting a few more minor sites, we get back in our car and drive up to the Panecillo, where we enjoy a panoramic view of Quito and view the famous “Virgen de Quito” statue. We make a quick stop at a fair trade artisan shop for souvenir shopping before heading 30 kilometers north of the city to the Equatorial City Complex, a collection of monuments and museums built around Latitude Zero. Here we visit the complex called Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, with its main attraction the Equatorial Monument. Additionally we visit Intiñan Museum, a very fun and picturesque place that intents to  show the equator from a different perspective, here you will find many ancient solar calendars, clocks and season indicators.  As well, you will be able to stand on the “real equatorial line” and do all sorts of magical equator-like things such as balancing an egg on the head of a nail, do a Strength test trying not to fall sideways as you attempt to walk the line with your eyes closed, see how the Coriolis effect works in both hemispheres, and many more. The museum also displays interesting ethnographical and cultural features.

Included: Private transportation, bilingual guide, museum entrance fee.

Not included: Lunch and Tips.

NOTE: The itinerary is subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes, last-minute weather conditions, and guide’s criteria on benefit of our guest.