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Mindo Cloud Forest 1 Day

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Days: 1
Effort: Easy

Activities: Wildlife Encounters, Hiking and Learning

Mindo Cloud Forest 1 Day

The Mindo Cloud forest is one of the world´s most diverse hotspots. It features over 520 species of birds which account for 5% of the world´s total species. Some of the most notable residents include the Umbrella Bird, Cock of the Rock, Mountain Toucans and over 20 species of hummingbirds.

Trip Highlights

  • Walk along a picturesque cloud forest trail with beautiful views.
  • Observe teeming bird life, beautiful orchids and bromeliads, and other wildlife.
  • Visit a local waterfall and have lunch in the charming town of Mindo.



We head northwest from Quito, passing the equatorial monument and around the back side of Volcan Pichincha to reach the Mindo Cloud Forest Reserve. The climate here is much warmer than in Quito due to the lower altitude and coastal weather influence, creating a humid, subtropical cloud forest ecosystem that is home to a wide variety of unique flora and fauna. After a scenic drive to the town of Mindo and into the reserve, we begin a nature walk through this remarkable natural environment. As we hike, our naturalist guide identifies native species and teaches us the intricacies of the cloud forest ecosystem. Mindo is best known for its diverse bird life, and we will see scores of native birds, including cock-of-the-rocks, toucans, and more. We also observe a vast diversity of butterflies, orchids, and other native plants and animals. After our hike, we stop to visit the local waterfalls and enjoy a tasty lunch at a local restaurant before returning to Quito in the afternoon.

Included: Private Transportation, Bilingual Guide (English-Spanish), Lunch