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Tropical Rafting

The Equatorial region receives the highest concentration of rain in the world. The Andean mountain range straddles Ecuador and its impressive eastern and western flanks are the origin of the spectacular rivers and canyons that pour into the Amazon Basin and coastal lowland rivers. Drifting down jungle valleys, warm tropical rivers create dozens of distinct opportunities to paddle in Ecuador. Choose from single to multi-day rafting expeditions that flow through enchanted river gorges, resplendent with towering cascading waterfalls and pristine jungle scenery. Our rafting service includes top-notch certified guides, kayakers with exceptional interpretational skills and professional grade safety equipment.

Toachi and Blanco  River Rafting, 1 Day

These rivers are born high in the Andean volcanoes and thunder their way westwards to the tropical rainforest of Ecuador´s coast. The Toachi flows within a spectacular gorge with high lush-green walls. As we exit the gorge the Toachi merges into the Blanco, where water flow increases to produce continuously exhilarating white-capped rapids. The combinations of these two...

Days: 1
Effort: Moderate (Class III-III+)

Amazon River Rafting, 3 Days

A world class Amazon rafting adventure that runs through two of Ecuador´s very best one-day river runs. The Jatunyacu is a classic descent through breathtaking jungle scenery with Kichwa Indian families settled along its shores. The Jondachi - Hollin cuts through a remote and pristine jungle canyon filled with crystal clear waterfalls. Evenings are to relax in a quality...

Days: 3
Effort: Moderate, Class III-IV Rivers.

Rafting the Headwaters of The Amazon, 8 Days

Big rapids, big wilderness and big excitement are what we discover while rafting the headwaters of the mighty Amazon River. For those who can’t get enough of the rush of white water, this trip takes you down the best selection of Class IV rivers in Ecuador. The Upano, Quijos, Jondachi-Hollin, and Jatunyacu offer unforgettable whitewater amongst breathtaking cloud forest and...

Days: 8
Effort: Moderate - Challenging (Class III+ to IV+)

Sacred Waterfalls Rafting Expedition, 5 Days

Breathtaking Amazon jungle scenery, indigenous cultural encounters, and plenty of white water and class IV and IV+ rapids are waiting for you on the Upano River, also known as “The Gorge of Sacred Waterfalls”! For experienced rafters who enjoy the rush of white water, this trip takes you down the best multi-day class IV river in Ecuador. Our unique trip also includes...

Days: 5
Effort: Challenging (Class IV to IV+)

Quijos River Rafting, 1 Day

The Quijos River originates from the glaciers of the Antisana Volcano at 5,758 meters. It runs a steep descent towards the Amazon through a dramatically beautiful cloud forest valley gorge filled with birdlife. This stretch of high volume non-stop white water action runs high at 2000 meters and is the best class IV rafting tour from...

Days: 1
Effort: Challenging (Class IV)