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Sea Kayaking Adventures

Join one of our amazon kayaking tours and be part of a great Amazon adventure.

The abundant fresh water that pours over Ecuador and the equatorial region works its way down the Andes to create hundreds of tropical lowland rivers in the Amazon basin and the costal expanse, producing great places for kayaking! Many of Ecuador's most pristine natural areas are accessible only by water and the Amazon Adventure's Kayaks are an exceptional way to reach these hidden hotspots. In your kayak you will discover lagoons that come alive with birds and mammals, and experience close-up encounters with indigenous communities of the amazon basin, such as the Huaorani, who will
share their millenary wisdom of jungle life.

Huaorani Amazon Kayak Expedition 6 Days

Kayak deep into the heart of the Amazon to discover the Huaorani tribe and wonders of the amazon wildlife in an unforgettable amazon adventure. Join this naturalist kayaking expedition to see the most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet through the eyes of those who have lived here for centuries. The Huaorani have lived for thousands of years in the rainforest with no contact...

Days: 6
Effort: Moderate to Challenging

In Search of the Humpback Whale, 4 Days

Admiring the humpback whale from the humbling perspective of a sea kayak is the highlight of this trip. However, the search for the humpback whale will take us to many other incredible places. Most of our adventure is spent in Machalilla National Park, which is the absolute best coastal reserve in continental Ecuador. It boasts magnificent beaches, tropical dry forests,...

Days: 1
Effort: Moderate

Amazon Wildlife Kayak Exploration, 5 Days

Deep in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon lies Calluacocha Lake, located in the heart of a 40,000 hectare nature and wildlife sanctuary home to more than 500 species of birds, 13 species of monkeys, 1,000 species of butterflies, and 1,500 species of trees, as well as caimans, jaguars, ocelots, otters, millions of insects, and more. We experience this amazing biodiversity...

Days: 5
Effort: Moderate