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Andean Biking

We offer the most varied biking adventure in Ecuador. Enjoy our mountain biking routes in Ecuador like Cotopaxi volcano biking tours, Imbabura biking tours and all of our Ecuador biking tours.
Ecuador has an amazing geographic variety and diversity of mountain biking routes. The country is covered by back roads and trails that date back from the pre-Hispanic era. These include the Inca road system, the colonial trade pathways and the recent Republican hacienda back roads. You will enjoy routes designed to cross through areas of great natural and scenic value. The indigenous and mestizo communities, we visit along the way, will leave you with a sense of Ecuador’s rich cultural heritage. Biking tours are provided with a back up vehicle, spare mountain bike, repair kit and a top certified guide. You will ride on unpaved roads and trails past snow-capped Andean volcanoes, and through exhilarating paramos (highlands) or cloud forests.

Cotopaxi Volcano Biking, 1 Day

The Cotopaxi National Park is high altitude nature and wildlife refuge established around the highest active volcano in the world. It offers one of Ecuador´s best mountain biking experiences as it crosses through a unique paramo ecosystem under stunning volcano scenery. A support vehicle, a naturalist guide and high-quality mountain biking equipment are included in this...

Days: 1
Effort: Moderate

Land of the Imbayas Biking Adventure 5 Days

Explore the Andes in Northern Ecuador through carefully selected biking venues rich in experience, culture, and scenery. This area, inhabited for centuries by the Imbayas and their descents, is still alive and wonderfully diverse. This tour delivers exceptional riding with stunning volcanic scenery, crater lakes, cloud forests, ancient ruins, and Indian and African-Ecuadorian...

Days: 5
Effort: Moderate

Pululahua Crater Biking Adventure, 1 Day

Enjoy an exciting biking adventure down into Pululahua’s active crater. Crossed by latitude zero and filled with dramatic landscapes, Pululahua is a top ride near Quito. Enjoy a day of biking along a highly diverse cloud forest while enjoying great scenery and unique geological...

Days: 0
Effort: Moderate