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Anyone who wants to explore Ecuador should discover beautiful 2,000 kilometer coastline. Spondylus Route, formerly known as the Ruta del Sol, is the road that runs along the Pacific Ocean from northern Peru to northern Ecuador. Ecuador's coast is a composition of assets such as temperate waters, stunning white sandy beaches offering busy seaside activities, whale-watching and snorkeling and beautiful green mangrove forests. Dancing to the beat of salsa and merengue, or a bowl of fresh lime ceviche are just a few of other pursuits you can look forward to while visiting the coast. In search of relaxing atmosphere visit quiet fishing villages to see the real fishermen’s life. The coastline of Ecuador plays a big role in Ecuador's economy, delivering tons of seafood daily. There are four distinct provinces that make up Ecuador's coastal region: Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas, and El Oro. Look out for the perks like the village called Monte Cristi - home of the famous straw hat, today called “Panama hat” or the fishing village of Puerto Lopez – the gateway to Isla de la Plata, an island giving you the initial taster of Galapagos.

In Search of the Humpback Whale, 4 Days

Admiring the humpback whale from the humbling perspective of a sea kayak is the highlight of this trip. However, the search for the humpback whale will take us to many other incredible places. Most of our adventure is spent in Machalilla National Park, which is the absolute best coastal reserve in continental Ecuador. It boasts magnificent beaches, tropical dry forests,...

Days: 1
Effort: Moderate