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Sustainable and Environmental Practices

Ecuador Adventure´s tours are socially and environmentally committed to sustainable ecotourism practices. We are proud board members of ASEC (Ecuadorian Ecotourism & Adventure Association), and we also preside over the presidency position through our general manager. Through ASEC, we are able to contribute to Ecuador´s tourism industry at both an operational and political level. One of our larger direct impacts on the national ecotourism industry was helping to establish the first certification standards for nature-based hotels, and we are currently working on establishing minimum operational standards for adventure activities. We work closely with the International Ecotourism Society (TIES), abide by Leave No Trace camping and environmental standards, are members of Sustainable Travel International (STI), and are certified as sustainable tour operators by the Rainforest Alliance. Furthermore, our land-based tours have become a model for tourism in the Galapagos in which 70% of the funds from our tours are redistributed within the local Galapagos economy.