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Our tours have been crafted over two decades to deliver you the finest natural and cultural experiences in the hands of skilled and passionate guides, with the comfort of fine dining and lodging, in the most breathtaking modes of adventure travel possible. Our tours are based on 4 pillars – nature and culture, local knowledge, comfort, and adventure:
People come to Ecuador first and foremost to see incredible natural beauty; therefore our utmost priority is bringing our guests to the most stunning, unique, fascinating, and wildlife-filled natural settings. For nearly 20 years, we have been exploring little-known areas and routes to discover magical locations unknown to other companies. The second reason that people come to Ecuador is to discover the colorful array of ancient cultures that continue to live on today. From the Andes to the Amazon, nearly all of our tours involve visits to indigenous communities. Our tours are special in the regard that they don’t just visit and see different cultures but take time to experience and learn from them. Along our tours, guests shoot blowguns, weave palm tree fibers, are spiritually cleansed by shamans, bargain at indigenous marketplaces, dance with Amazonian Indians, and listen to enchanting traditional Andean music.
The foundation of stellar tours are stellar guides. Our guides provide fascinating insight and a local perspective onto the magnificent places we visit. In addition, they are incredibly keen at spotting wildlife and are able to rapidly and flawlessly adapt tours to local weather patterns, special festivals and events, and guests´ interests and needs.
Furthermore, our guides are more than tour facilitators; they are friends and portals through which you will explore new worlds.
Comfort is essential to the enjoyment of any tour. The boutique hotels, historic haciendas, and premium eco-lodges you will stay at have been carefully selected for comfort, service, authenticity, reliability, and sustainable practices. The meals you will enjoy are local and delicious fusions of international and local cuisine. The private transportation we provide ensures that you travel comfortably, safely, reliably, and swiftly.
Active adventure activities transform our programs from mere sight-seeing tours into unforgettable hands-on experiences filled with action, emotion, and fulfillment. Our guests don´t merely see incredible sites, they explore them by foot, bike, raft, zipline, snorkel, scuba, and kayak in order to feel and experience nature to the fullest. Our adventure medium is not only the most exhilarating way to experience Ecuador´s breathtaking landscapes, it is the usually the best way and often the only way.